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What is the XTconcentrator? A former judge, who has been engaged in various tests and experiments as a hobby for 45 years, has together with his wife and with the help of a device he designed, decyphered very old secret, the LAPIS PHILOSOPHORUM,  a mysterious force that turns science a bit upside down. The device is a rectangular metal box of approx. 11 cm in size, and works without batteries. The box, the XTconcentrator, must be directed at the (magnetic) North and placed under a person’s bed. The position needs to be fine-tuned with care. In case of hypersensitivity, the box can – for instance – be moved to the foot end or turned away a bit from the North.

What does the device do? Soon most people start to sleep better or dream more. The long-term effect is, however, totally baffling. Within two years – but often very much earlier – the head hair starts to get thicker and shinier. With some older test subjects their gray hair turns – very slowly indeed – into their youth color. The elderly get a smoother skin and become more vital. This regenerative function works with all biological material, including animals and plants, www.xtconcentrator.com/uncategorized/botanische-test-2/  but the nature and the strength of the effect differ per person and per object.  Use for children is discouraged. There is no scientific evidence for the assumption that the XTconcentrator is suitable to prevent or cure diseases. The cosmetic industry is extremely interested.

Scientific substantiation. There has been contact -including the request for support such as supervising experiments – with leading professors. The responses are negative. However, a group of around 40 people, including some natural scientists, have been prepared to participate in a test project. The test process, which started in the course of 2017, runs until the end of 2020.

Side effects: Most users experience a certain dehydration. That is why it is wise to drink at least three extra glasses of water per day. Furthermore in one case the test subject stopped sleeping altogether and the box was removed.

Critical distance: Users of the device must realize that sometimes other people (without knowing or willing) might enjoy the effect of a well-placed XTconcentrator. The box has even been observed to be effective in an adjoining room behind an intermediate wall at a horizontal distance of 6.35 m.

Disclaimer: There is no reason to believe that a simple piece of metal (mainly stainless steel)  under one’s bed could pose risks to the health. However, Xtconcentrator.com BV I.O. is a small starter and not a pharmaceutical company with a billion-dollar budget. As a condition for sale and use, no liability is accepted for possible consequences.

Planning: If the test results remain positive, a (for the time being modest) number of boxes will become available to the public in 2021 at approx. 490 E.  Until then, some test models will be made available at cost price.

more background information: http://www.xtconcentrator.com/